About Us


The Financial Pulse is developed by Residents, for Residents.

Over the course of their training, the Founders of the Financial Pulse recognized the need to provide financial literacy education to Residents. In particular, there was a need to provide relevant financial information that is delivered free of industry influence. The Financial Pulse does not and will never offer products or funds to our users.

Each lesson is created by a team of motivated Resident doctors who have an interest in financial education. Experienced staff physicians and financial experts are consulted to review the content for accuracy. If outside expertise is sought, content review is completed on a fee-only basis. No sponsorship, advertisement, or endorsement opportunities are offered.

Experts in education review the content developed by Residents and bring the concepts and content to life, utilizing evidence-based adult education concepts to develop whiteboard-style videos.

Leadership Team

Dr. Geoff Frost

Co-Founder & Content Lead

Geoff is currently a resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia. During his multi-year tenure as a Board Director of the Resident Doctors of BC (RDBC), Geoff created an innovative resident podcast that became a successful Resident engagement initiative. The podcast has since been uniquely downloaded over 4000 times and has been a go-to resource for information made by Residents, for Residents. Having also served as one of the negotiating Resident members during the most recent RDBC labour contract negotiations, Geoff developed a passion for improving the financial literacy of Residents. Prior to medical school, Geoff co-founded a medical device start-up company. Geoff helps guide content production for the Financial Pulse.

Dr. Nicholas Monfries

Co-Founder & Operations Lead

Nicholas is currently a resident in Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia and a Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellow at the University of Calgary. During his term as President of the Resident Doctors of BC, Nicholas gained an appreciation for the importance of developing unbiased financial literacy education for Residents. With a personal interest in financial management, Nicholas has served on the financial committees of several organizations, including Resident Doctors of BC, Resident Doctors of Canada, and the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta (PARA). In addition to providing operational oversight of the Financial Pulse, Nicholas is a Board Director of the Resident Doctors of Canada and an active member of a number of national medical committees.

Content Developers

Dr. Emily Stewart

Content Developer

Dr. Emily Stewart is a resident in Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia and a graduate student in UBC’s Master of Health Administration program. Emily is passionate about the interface of evidence-based policy, health administration, and acute care medicine. During her term serving nationally as the President of Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC), she was also a member of RDoC's Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. Provincially, Emily also served for several years as a Board Member of Resident Doctors of BC (RDBC), both as Vice-President, the Chair of the Health & Wellness Committee, and as the Director of Finance during RDBC’s collective agreement negotiations year. Emily believes that resident physician wellness is multifactorial, and that personal finance knowledge is just one piece of a much bigger picture in medicine. Emily obtained her BSc in Economics & Environmental Science at Dalhousie University and her MD at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Michael Yong

Content Developer

Michael is currently a PGY-4 in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at the University of British Columbia. He also holds Masters in Public Health and Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University. Aside from his surgical academic interests in the ear and nose, he also has a keen interest in finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. He is excited to be a contributor to the Financial Pulse not only because he believes that basic personal financial and investing knowledge are important things to know for anyone who is earning money, but also because he believes that learning and understanding these concepts should neither be daunting for beginners nor exclusive to experts in the field. His goal with FinancialPULSE is to be able to give his resident colleagues the confidence to have intelligent conversations about saving and wealth creation.

Dr. Kiran Rikhraj

Content Developer

Hailing from the land of Crazy Rich Asians (although she most definitely is not one), Kiran now considers herself a proud Vancouverite, who enjoys long hikes and brunch hops. When she is not growing her own sourdough starter or baking sweets for days, she likes to lift weights, paddle board with her co-residents and binge-watch Netflix shows. As an Emergency Medicine resident, her ADHD is constantly being challenged and she thrives on the adrenaline rush it brings. She is excited to help educate her fellow residents on how to best manage their finances and learn things along the way.

Dr. John-Jose Nuñez

Content Developer

John-Jose is a PGY-4 resident in the psychiatry research track and a graduate student in computer science. He did an undergraduate degree in math, so he likes numbers, but otherwise has no formal training in finance. He's been a hobbyist investor for a while, which is a nice way of saying that he's lost money in a lot of different investments, from crypto to real estate to penny stocks. After learning these lessons, he's passionate about evidence-based, low-fee investing, and physician finance more broadly. He’s an aspiring clinician-scientist, hoping to use computational tools like artificial intelligence to better diagnose and treat mental illness. Clinically, he’s interested in mood disorders, and in medical psychiatry, treating medical patients with psychiatric illness. When not seeing patients, wrangling with his research, or comparing ETFs, he likes to make homemade wine, travel, and go back to his hometown of Surrey, BC for spicy Indian food.

Dr. Linda Yang

Content Developer

Linda is a psychiatry resident who admits that her idea of investing, prior to residency, was online shopping and eating out to invest in her well-being. Part of her learning journey in residency has been to better understand how to manage my finances, without neglecting self-care. Outside of medicine, Linda likes to run, barre, travel and experiment with new recipes.

Dr. Sean Patrick

Content Developer

Sean originally grew up in Edmonton before moving to Ottawa for medical school and then Victoria for Emergency Medicine Residency. His interest in finance dates back to my undergraduate degree where I completed a BSc with a minor in business. Today, he continues his interest by keeping up with current financial literature. Sean always found it interesting that doctors are supposedly ‘notoriously bad’ with finances despite us having the academic fortitude to complete something like medical school. His decision to join the Financial Pulse team reflects his interest in continuing to learn about money and in sharing his own financial knowledge with his colleagues so that they can all navigate finances more confidently.

Dr. Chloe Haldane

Content Developer

Chloe is currently a third-year resident in Physiatry living in Vancouver. She is most likely to be found at the beach, farmers' markets or biking relatively close to home (downtown biking is still scary). When she’s not working, she balances her strong appetite for movies, television, coffees, and pastries with a sprinkling of outdoor activities like hiking, yoga, and runs. Originally from Ontario, she’s getting accustomed to Vancouver though still doesn’t own an umbrella (cue: *Rain on me*). She’s excited to join the Financial Pulse team to help residents take better control over their own finances and brush up on her own financial knowledge!

Dr. Cameron Oliver

Content Developer

Originally from Kelowna, B.C., Cam grew up enjoying everything the Okanagan has to offer, from water sports to downhill skiing, in addition to the orchards and wineries that are ubiquitous to the region. He pursued post-secondary education at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, majoring in Physiology with a minor in Kinesiology. He then returned home to Kelowna for his medical education at UBC’s Southern Medical Program. Cameron matched to ophthalmology in 2019 and is now entering his second year of residency in Vancouver, B.C.

Education has always been an interest of Cameron’s. He has been an integral part of Peer Mentorship in Medical Education, a UBC peer-to-peer medical education platform, since its induction in 2015. The opportunity to help peers achieve their goals in medicine has formed the basis for his interest in joining the Financial Pulse team. Cam has a keen interest in financial planning and is excited to help his peers achieve their financial goals through residency and into practice.

Dr. Brandon Evtushevski

Content Developer

Brandon is an Emergency Medicine resident based in Victoria, BC. Prior to this, he completed a BSc in Neuroscience at McGill University followed by his MD at the University of British Columbia. Through his time as a program representative with Resident Doctors of BC, he has become passionate about ensuring his co-residents’ voices are heard.

Outside of medicine, he has developed a keen interest in finances. He wants to use his knowledge in this field to help empower his fellow medical colleagues to gain the skills necessary to begin working towards financial independence sooner and smarter.